Perry Associates, LLC - Commercial Management, Scheduling, Expert Claims Services
At Perry Associates, LLC we provide a wide range of construction commercial services designed to suit a variety of projects, budgets and project participants. Our ability to prepare and/or analyze claims effectively is in part due to our the hands on project management experience.  We have vast experience in all areas of project management — scheduling, change management, contract development, cost controls — factors that hit all aspects of the commercial side of a construction project.  This larger perspective enables us to follow issues from initial identification, through quantification, presentation, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, litigation support and expert testimony if necessary. 
Perry Associates, LLC offers services on the full spectrum of commercial management and claims services.  We can perform many types of claims preparation or analysis, including, but not limited to, those arising from delays, causal issues, labor-productivity, financial damage, and disputed extra work.  We also offer bid risk assessments and claims and risk avoidance services.  Potential claims and exposure for cost increases and delays can be mitigated through pre-construction reviews of contract documents, constructibility, bid ability, schedules and management.  We are also skilled in dispute resolution, and litigation support such as expert testimony, documentation, and trial exhibits.
Currently in New England, we are providing commercial management, scheduling and expert claims services for several general contractors, subcontractors and public state agencies, as well as several local and national law firms.
 Perry Associates, LLC
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